Let’s work together to clear your clutter!  

I cover Islington, North London, Central London and the City

  • Fed up with staring at the clutter that’s filling your home?
  • Tried and failed to declutter in the past?
  • Scared you’ll never get rid of it and get the calm, clutter-free home you long for?

I’m Jules Langford, and I run Cluttered to Cleared, a professional decluttering service.  If you’ve tried to declutter in the past but been unhappy with the results, working with me could be the answer.

I can help you with a one-off declutter, a series of sessions for when you need to make a big difference or with regular “maintenance” sessions once you’ve reached your goals.

Work with me to get the clutter-free home that you long for.   I’m calm, capable, and don’t judge. 

I know you are busy, so I offer flexible appointments to fit around your life. 

Call me on 07711 216 391 for a FREE 20-minute phone assessment to see how working with me can help you get from “Cluttered to Cleared”!

My decluttering service covers Islington, Haringey, Hackney, Camden, North London, Central London and the City