If there is one place in your home you should be able to relax, it’s the bedroom.   

There’s nothing better than slipping into your PJs and shutting the world out after a long hard day.  

 But if your bedroom is more nightmare than sweet dream, you need to take action.  Fast.  

 These five mini tips will get you started.  

 1)  Wardrobe not floordrobe 

 I can’t count the number of times I have had to step over piles of clothes in my job as a Professional Organiser. Not only does it turn your bedroom into an obstacle course, but I’ll be honest.  There is something depressing about piles of discarded pullovers, tops and trousers.   

So promise yourself that from now on, clothes are either hung back up, back in the drawer or in the laundry.  

2)  Your bed is not a storage zone 

The bed is the heart of the room.   

Your duvet set does not need to be expensive – there are some lovely sets at reasonable prices these days.   

But it shouldn’t be covered up with books, bags and packets of biscuits. Clear off that cover and enjoy the sense of calm.  

3)  Does THAT really belong in the bedroom? 

 We’ve all done it.  Guests are due in twenty minutes and the sitting room looks like a bomb site.  So – just for now, of course! – we scoop stuff up and stuff in into the main bedroom.  

 The trouble is, stuff can easily take root, so the kid’s toys, craft items and piles of shoes can still be in there weeks later.  

 Set yourself a new rule – it if doesn’t belong in the bedroom, out it goes.  

 4)  Limit what you keep on your bedside table 

 A book, alarm clock and a reading lamp are fine.  Add to that a jumble of lip salves, combs, crumbs and hair clips and suddenly its looking more chaos than calm.  

 If you need things to hand but don’t want to see them, try a bedside table with drawers.  Or clear as much as you can, and stash stuff in stylish tubs or on trays for a neater look.  

 5) Have a wastepaper bin 

 This sounds so obvious, but I see so many rooms that don’t have a bin.  So wrappers, receipts and old magazines end up on the floor, the bedside tables, anywhere they land.   

Get yourself a bin that goes with your room, and empty it regularly.  Its surprising how much difference this simple tip can make.  


There’s nothing nicer than relaxing in your bedroom, reading or watching box sets.  

Try my tips out to get started on yours.  And if you’d like help getting your bedroom clutter-free with less hassle, get in touch.  

I’m Jules, I own Cluttered to Cleared, a professional decluttering service and cover North/Central London 

 Tel: 07711 216 391 

Email:  Jules@clutteredtocleared.co.uk