The trusty black bin bag is a decluttering session staple for many.  Cheap, sturdy dependable, it’s played its part nobly in many a clutter clear.

But it can also be the reason your decluttering fails – yet again!

So what’s going on?

I’ll level with you here – it’s not really the bin bag that’s at fault. They still have an important part to play.

The problem lies with the – quite understandable – way many people declutter.

Does this scenario sound familiar?  You ignore the clutter in, say, the sitting room, for as long as possible.  You really do mean to declutter – but somehow life gets in the way

Then one day it happens. You can’t stand the clutter one minute more And you snap.

Grab the nearest binbag – and start shoving the clutter in just as fast as you can go.

And yes, you do get rid of some of your stuff. And it does look a bit better – for a while.

But somehow your home never looks quite as good as you’d look.  Worse, the clutter soon starts creeping back.

I call this yo-yo decluttering – and it’s demoralising.  But there is a better way.

Next time you feel the urge to declutter coming over you – step away from the bin bag!

Take a little time to ask yourself some questions.  Create a plan of action.

One that reflects you, your room and your goals.

  • What issues is your clutter causing you
  • Where is it building up?
  • What type of clutter do you have?
  • How will you dispose of the clutter?
  • What’s your timescale?
  • And crucially, what’s you end goal for your room?

Getting clear answers to these questions will bring clarity to your declutters.  Not only that but having a plan prevents overwhelm and keeps you on track.

So next time you feel the urge to tame your surroundings  – stop – think – plan!

Then – and only then – grab your bin bag – and dive in.

Good luck!