Let’s work together to clear your clutter!

Decluttering Service in Islington, Haringey, Hackney, Camden, North and Central London and the City.

Are you a busy woman who needs to tackle the clutter in their home – but doesn’t know where or how to start? Are you looking for a decluttering service near you in North London or Central London?

Let’s be honest.  Decluttering on your own can be overwhelming, time-consuming – and frankly boring!  Often you can end up feeling your home is more of a mess than when you started.

Work with me.  I’m  Jules Langford, and I run Cluttered to Cleared, a professional decluttering service.

I’ll show you how to declutter your home, step-by-step.  I’ll stop you feeling overwhelmed, get you great results – and teach you how to stop the clutter returning.

I’m friendly,  efficient, and I don’t judge.

What do you want to declutter first?

  • Kitchen
    • Cluttered counters, bursting cupboards, can’t find anything, buying duplicates?
    • Work with me to declutter and clear your kitchen and have room to work and a place for everything.
  • Wardrobes
    • Wardrobe stuffed to the brim but “nothing to wear”? Can’t find your LBD, the exact belt you need or your winter boots?
    • I can help you clear out the “dead wood” and arrange what you keep so you can dressed without the stress.
  • Craft Materials
    • Are your craft materials covering every surface? Spend more time looking for stuff than working on your projects?
    • Let’s organise your craft materials to you can find what you want, and enjoy your hobby – and your home.
  • Bedrooms
    • Does clutter make it hard to relax, with “stuff” covering the surfaces, on the floor and under the bed?
    • Together, lets clear the clutter, organise the space and make it a room you can really relax in.
  • Sitting rooms
    • Have you ever been embarrassed to have guests over? Is your sofa, coffee table or bookcases bursting with stuff?
    • Work with me to declutter and organise this space, and enjoy using it again, on your own or with friends and family
  • Paperwork – setting up a filing system
    • Do you lack a system? Do you have paperwork stuffed in various bags and cupboards? Can’t find important documents?
    • Together we declutter excess paper then set up a straightforward system to keep your paperwork under control.
  • “Hot Spots” such as the cupboard under the stairs!
    • Do you have specific areas of your home that drive you CRAZY? That you can’t bear to look at or open the door to?
    • Let’s sort them out once and for all, clearing the clutter and making use of all the valuable space in your home.

It starts with an Initial Consultation in your Home

The clearer you are on what’s bothering you now, and the goals you want to achieve, the happier you will be with the end result.

So I always start with a full hour consultation with each client. You’ll be able to tell me what’s concerning you, and what you’d like to achieve. We will then create an Action Plan so we can achieve your goals in a timely fashion.

Initial cost: £35, but this will deducted from the cost of your first decluttering session with me.

Decluttering in your home

We will then work through the Action Plan together, step-by-step.

I’ll help you decide what to keep and what to let you (you always have final say), and we will organise your space, find a home for everything, and discuss stratagies for keeping your home clutter-free in future. 


Initial consultation: £35, which will be deducted from the cost of your first decluttering session with me. 

£35 per hour weekdays  (three hour minimum)

£40 per hour weekend and Bank Holiday (three hour minimum)

Flexible hours – some weekdays evening appointments available.

Email me at Jules@clutteredtocleared.co.uk, or ring 07711 216 391 to discuss which option is right for you


A decluttering service covering North London and Central London.

Jules broke up a seemingly impossible task into manageable chunks…really good to be able to talk things over with someone rather than work on my own.

Ms J, London

. . your encouragement and practical words of wisdom are really helping me to look at this all differently and shift outdated beliefs I’d had.

Ms Edwards, Islington

I was really nervous about working with a de- clutterer. However from the moment I talked to Jules I felt reassured. I recommend Jules and definitely plan to work with her again.

Mrs W, London

Cluttered to Cleared

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covering Islington, Haringey, Hackney, Camden, North London, Central London and the City