Forget Pinterest!

If you were to believe what you see on Pinterest, you’d think everyone else has a sleek, glossy kitchen, with clear counters, labeled containers and not a pepper shaker out of place. 

If yours look more like a bomb site than a photoshoot, it can be easy to judge yourself.  How come they can keep their counters clean and crumb-free when you have a job even seeing yours though the appliances, plate, and packets of pasta? 

In this bite-sized blog, I’m going to keep you five ideas for losing the shame and gaining the clutter-free kitchen you’ll love 

Five kitchen tips

1)  Ditch the myth – everyone’s kitchen is not picture perfect  

I’ve been in many kitchens in my five years running my professional declutter service.  In fact, it’s one of my favourite rooms to declutter.  And the fact is, there are many kitchens that look just like yours.  It’s just that no-one lets you see them!  So lose the shame, it’s holding you back.  

2)  Get clutter off counters 

Clear counters make a kitchen look good and function well. Cluttered counters make food preparation difficult, take longer to clean, and make you feel stressed. They don’t need to be completely clear  – no need to store your toaster in a cupboard! – but clear as much as you can.  

3 But you may need to declutter some cupboard space first 

You may decide to clear your counters.  And yes, that piles of recipes culled from your favourite magazine can go.  But you are still going to have to find a new home for your cleaning products, placemats, and pizza tray.  So sort through your cupboards and let the clutter go.  

4)  Let go of your aspirations 

Kitchens across London are stuffed with what I call “aspiration clutter”.  Ice-cream makers, chicken bricks and bread machines all seem a good idea in John Lewis, but if you only have time to pop a ready meal in the microwave let them go and enjoy the extra space.  

 5 Does everything really belong in the kitchen? 

Those glamourous Pinterest kitchens may be super-sized.  But if yours would fit into their “walk-in pantry” you may need to rethink what you keep in it. Could your store your paperwork, craft materials, and garden equipment in another room?  Perhaps those Christmas serving plates could live in the dining room sideboard?

Cluttered kitchens are hard to work in, difficult to clean and depressing.  Clutter-free kitchens make it easier to stick to that healthy diet, and easy to keep sparkling clean, and can put a smile on your face every time you walk in.    

 Try my tips out.  And if you’d like help or need the job doing in a fraction of the time, get in touch.  

 I’m Jules, I own Cluttered to Cleared, a professional decluttering service and cover North/Central London 

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