Let me introduce myself.

I’m Jules Langford, a Professional Declutterer and Organiser and a member of APDO, the UK trade body for Pro Organisers. I work  with busy women, helping them clear the clutter that’s been driving them crazy for too long – and giving them the calm, clutter-free homes they’ve been longing for.

So how did you become a professional declutterer?

I’m asked this all the time.  And it’s a good question.  After all, many little girls dream of being a nurse or a ballerina when they grow up.  Not many plan to spend their lives decluttering other people’s junk drawers for a living.

And there was another problem.

I used to be chronically disorganised and I was always running late

Which didn’t do a lot for my self-confidence.

Worse, I noticed that not everybody had the same problems (we didn’t call them issues in the ’70’s!) that I did. Their homes were tidy.  

They could find what they wanted – when they wanted it.  Even paperwork!  

And without having the kind of meltdown more appropriate to a two-year-old that just resulted in drawers being emptied and more stuff strewn around the place. 

It didn’t seem fair.  But there didn’t seem to be anything I could do about it – it was just my lot in life.   

Then one day I met a new friend, who told me that her life had been just like mine. Looking around her tidy, organised flat I found it hard to believe.  But the “before” pictures saved on her computer proved it. Decluttering had made the difference.

I was fascinated. And decided there and then it was time to change.

I discover the difference decluttering can make

Armed with a clutch of books and google, I got started. It was tough at first – anything new always is – but as time went by I was delighted at the difference.

Not only could I declutter, I was actually rather good at it.  Yes, me! I just needed to find a system that worked for me, instead of trying to be something I wasn’t.

Bit by bit, the clutter melted away, leaving a home that felt calmer and more supporting.

I didn’t have to metaphorically (or sometimes even literally) shut my eyes to the clutter that depressed me when I walked in a room.

I didn’t feel I had to apologise to anyone who came into my home.

And it was amazing how when I wanted my screwdriver/sunglasses/scotch tape I could lay my hands on it without turning the place upside down.

I knew I’d won the day some described me as a “tidy person” – in just the tone I used to describe those women I envied.

I had found my calling and life was looking good 

I was well and truly  hooked, and was soon offering to help friends sort out their homes. Jules Langford, the disorganised person had become Jules Langford, owner of Cluttered to Cleared.

After discovering and joining  APDO – the Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers –  I took the plunge and turned my passion into a business.

So when people tell me that they could never get organised, I tell them my story.


And that if I can change my life and home, I can change theirs


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